Heating and cooling at the circus

My mom and dad used to take us kids to the circus whenever it came to town, which was a couple of times a year.  They would invite our friends and we would make a full day of it. I guess I was around thirteen when my pals and I decided that we were too old to go to the circus with our parents, any longer.  We wanted to do some of the more grown-up things. When I got married, and had kids of my own, I wanted to take my kids to the circus and to make the same kinds of memories as I had made with my own parents.  The last time I took my kids to the circus, I was a bit disappointed. It wasn’t nearly as nice there as I had remembered from the last time. The air quality was so poor that all you could smell was the animals.  It was not a good odor, either. I wondered if maybe they were having some difficulty with the air conditioning in the venue, because I didn’t remember the air quality ever being so hot and smelly. I knew that it was always a bit smelly, but this was ridiculous.  Maybe it was just a matter of there being a problem with the air purification system, but that wouldn’t make it so hot. If the air purifier was connected to the air conditioning, then that would solve a lot of the questions. I’m just hoping that the next time we come to the circus that they have the entire air quality issue corrected and that the air conditioning and air purifier are working again.

air purifier

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