Heater is pricy in the winter

During the Springtime season, my wifey and I have our gas furnace and cooling system tuned-up. Recently we found that the furnace needed to be replaced. So we called a local HVAC contractor. The HVAC contractor wanted us to buy a new gas furnace right there, right then at that time, however he tried to warn us that it would be more expensive. He said that if we were to hang around and decided to wait until the Wintertime months to make the update, the furnace and heating items are typically more expensive while it was in the peak season. My wifey and I decided to wait. When the Summer months were upon us, all of us forgot all about the new gas furnace, and it wasn’t until the first cold night, that my wifey and I looked at each other and remembered the gas furnace needed to be updated! I called our HVAC provider, so all of us could talk about the gas furnace upgrade as soon as possible. That’s when all of us found out that the price of our gas furnace had gone up. Instead of costing us $1100 dollars, the current gas furnace was going to be closer to $1700! The HVAC serviceman warned us not to wait until the Fall, but all of us didn’t listen. Waiting until the last minute was a bad idea, and all of us had to pay the price for it…deeply!

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