Heater in the room kicked on

I was moving from one Southern state to another, it was a very long road trip and I decided to stop about half way and rest for the night. This was the middle of January so it was very cold outside. I stayed at what was supposed to be a nice hotel, and it was very nice, except for the noise that the heater was making. It was so loud that I thought a diesel truck was idling right outside my window. I got up to check only to discover that it was the furnace making this terrible noise. I could even hear the neighboring rooms’ heaters kicking on and off just as loudly as my own. Trying to make the best of it, I put in earplugs and attempted to get some sleep. Three hours later, I had not fallen asleep. Every time the heater in my room kicked on, it would wake me up. It was too cold to simply turn it off. I wanted heat but I wanted quiet too. It was about two in the morning now and I decided to go out to my pickup truck and get the space-heater I knew was buried under all my moving stuff. I brought it in to the hotel room, unplugged the microwave, plugged in my space heater, and turned off the noisy window unit. Then I prayed it would not blow a fuse. Finally I was able to get some sleep. I made sure to leave the hotel bad reviews about their noisy heaters though. I bet their air conditioning was just as loud.

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