Heated floors next door

Recently, our neighbors invited us over for a night cap. My roommate and I immediately accepted and looked forward to the occasion.  When we went over that night, my roommate brought along her favorite wine. When we entered their home, the home was decorated quite lovely, but something that was evident to me immediately was the temperature control in their home. The heating was just so inviting.  I couldn’t help but ask what kind of HVAC method they had. I learned that they had radiant floors in their house. I genuinely didn’t even know what that was apart from the name, however clearly, the floors were heated somehow but I didn’t know how that process worked. My patient neighbor filled me in that the radiant floors were simply a method of pipes installed directly beneath the floors and heated water would flow through the pipes from the heat pump.  Evidently, it was a really efficient form of heating plus I was thoroughly impressed. As I looked around the room I noticed this really interesting device on the wall. I had to ask what it was. Our neighbor gladly explained to me all about their smart thermostat. I came to learn that they were able to control the temperature with any of their smart devices. I was so happy about this amazing technology, I almost forgot all of us were there for a nightcap. I wanted to see how the smart thermostat worked, so our neighbor showed me the smart app, and it was amazing. When he adjusted the temperature with his cell cellphone to demonstrate how it worked, it was simple. I told my roommate that we had to get a smart thermostat with the radiant floors so our home could be that nice too!

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