Heated floors after a shower

A few weeks ago, I took the important step and invested in something called radiant heated flooring, it can even be called called hydronic floors. I was genuinely chatted with it by a nice buddy of mine who had done it. Like my buddy Brad, I had to take out a loan. What originally sold myself on this was the radiant heated flooring, was that it was in the house when I was visiting Brad. Brad lives in the south where it sometimes gets cold in the cold season. The best area of the radiant flooring I adored was getting out of the shower! Usually, when getting out of the shower, you always freeze your nuts off, no matter what time of year it is. Even in the dead heat of hot season, you get the chills for a few minutes while you towel off. With the radiant heated flooring though, this doesn’t happen to me. You get out of the water, and you feel as if you never went in the water to begin with! It genuinely assists you in toweling off nice as well. I’ve never had a typical heating and cooling system be able to pull this off before. In my opinion, radiant floors are nothing short of a great thing! But in reality, this is just yet another update in the whole miracle itself of HVAC technology. I’ve never been a guy to keep up on HVAC technology, however this whole idea of radiant heated flooring, it may genuinely change my mind.

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