Heat pump in my bunker

I have been a big time doomsday prepper for a few years now. I have gotten a ton of stuff for it. I have a big bunker that is all set with tons of food to eat that won’t spoil, electrical power, and even a absolutely energy efficient plumbing and piping underground sewage system. I am even working on getting an efficient HVAC system! All the electricity runs off of a plan of solar pieces. There are also windmills on my land to help generate the power source too. I have some devices you can charge up by turning them as well, just like flashlights in case the people I was with and I run out of power for any odd known idea. The first thing that would drain the batteries I have is the HVAC device, however that’s what the solar power is for! My buddies are always joking that if some major disaster comes around, they are going to be pounding on my door. I always tell them that they should get super prepared because you never even know when a major problem might come around, and you should be all ready for you and your friends so you can deal with it! I don’t only want to only survive though, I want to have a nice style of life during the problem too.  This is the reason why I have a nice HVAC plan that is incredibly energy efficient and able to be used underground. I use a geothermal HVAC plan so the heating and cooling comes from the ground on my property.

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