He will switch the a/c for me

Not to brag or anything, however my husband & I are totally the happiest married couple that I know. Of course we disagree every now and then, however because we both have such mellow personalities, the disagreements don’t amount to much. The only thing he enjoys that I don’t share a passion for is video gaming. If I were to let him, he would play forever without even realizing it. I never played video games at all as a child, & I suppose that’s why they don’t appeal to me in the slightest. My husband’s childhood was extremely quite different from mine, & he played video games whenever he could. Now that we are married, I don’t mind him playing video games; it gives me plenty of occasions to spend some time with our other friends. However, he has an old PC, & it tends to overheat all of the time. Basically every time he goes to play video games, he sets the A/C at a very low setting. It drives me bananas when he does this because I hate freezing in our own property. He’s so sweet however, so he constantly brings me my beloved heating blanket & a robe to keep warm. I certainly appreciate that he thinks of me each time he turns the thermostat down, despite the fact that I keep trying to convince him to just buy a new PC instead of having to turn the thermostat down so low for his old dinosaur of a PC. He is pretty much convinced that no new PC will work as good as what he has, so he says he won’t ever purchase a new one until his old one dies. I am praying it dies soon, however until then I assume I’ll have to cuddle up in my comfy heating blanket to stay warm.

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