Hated the amount of a/c

Our church has a pretty sizable gathering every year that normally serves about 400 people. It is a really fun event a kick off the summer season. I am in charge of making the salads and purchasing the meats for the grill. This is because I have a membership to a local steakhouse supply store in which I get the stuff at a much cheaper price. The store is divided into a few sections, one that holds the non perishable and a separate room for refrigeration and frozen.  I was running late one day and decided to just stop quickly to get what I needed. It was 88 degrees out so I was dressed for it. Most of the things I needed were in the refrigerated area and I hated going in there. It feels like an iceberg in there and I knew it was going to be torturous, so I tried to remember exactly where everything was so I could run in and out as fast as possible. I made it through the first aisle and grabbed as much as I could. I was really wishing that I at least had a sweatshirt in the car at that point. I can only imagine the size of the HVAC unit that the store must have. That is the only thing that would make sense as there is no way to turn that size room into a full on ice box without one. They must pay a ton in energy costs to keep the building that cold.  On days like this week when it is so warm out, the big metal building must absorb the heat which makes it even harder to maintain the cool temperature. At any rate, I was easily glad when I stepped outside after our shopping was done. The hot sunlight and heat felt awesome!

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