Hard work takes a lot from me

Being a long haul trucker is not a job just anyone can do. For me, I cannot imagine doing anything else as a career. It took a few years of paying my dues, and of course of saving up the money I needed to buy my own truck, however at this point in my life, I have a good deal of freedom. I can pick and choose who I drive for, which is truly nice. Just last year, I connected with a company and I have driven for them exclusively ever since. This company specializes in  high tech HVAC systems and ventilation units for laboratories in hospitals and research facilities. This is the type of massive machinery is delicate and needs to be delivered promptly to the places that order it. Each unit is designed to ensure consistent air quality and regulate ventilation in sensitive medical testing labs. Of course I don’t have to install these HVAC systems, I just drive them. I don’t even have to unload them, they have designated machines at the labs for that, I just make sure the HVAC unit gets delivers on time. I like working for the HVAC company because they pay top dollar for quality work. For their part, the HVAC company likes working with me because I have never once been late on a shipment delivery. A few weeks ago the company owner even gave me an exclusive contract to drive only for him for the next five years. It is a tempting offer, however it makes me give up some of my freedom in deciding when to take the loads and when I want to take a break.

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