Hard to decide to use heating or not in the Spring

The Spring season weather is the worst for my home. Spring basically means it is not hot or cold. You are just sort of uncomfortable all of the time. My house is surrounded by a lot of trees. In the Summer, the coverage is great. The shade makes it so my house stays nice and cool. Because of this, air conditioning is just not necessary. The trees also block the wind and snow in the Winter. I get less of a chill coming in. So I get to use my heater at a lower degree than everyone else. So the trees and coverage is great, until Spring. The reason Spring stinks is the fluctuating weather. I can’t decide if I want to run my heater or not. On a cold Spring day, it is clear on what to do in terms on heating. On a warmer Spring day, it is difficult. The outdoor temperatures might read 60 degrees, but my thermostat inside says 50 degrees. The last thing I want to do is run my heater system when it is warm outside. Due to the trees though, my house is colder indoors. What really stinks is if the temperatures go up through the day. I then wake up in the morning freezing, turn on my heater and then the outdoor weather gets warmer. Eventually outside is in the mid 60s and I have my heating system running. While it is necessary because my house is so cold, it just hurts my heart to do it. I feel like I am being a baby about wanting heating.


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