Happy with the style of HVAC

My fiance as well as I have been waiting to a wedding date until after the two of us move into our future home.  We decided that the two of us wanted to come home from our honeymoon to the house the two of us would spend the rest of our lives in, instead of the crappy small apartment we have been sharing. For the last few weeks the two of us have been house hunting, trying to find the perfect house, so the two of us can move forward with our matrimonial plans.   We have found two amazing houses that we both love. We have been trying to decide between them. One of them has a spectacular view of the lake, however also comes with a really old and outdated Heating and A/C system. The other house is just as nice, it lacks a view though but it does have an air conditioning system that was installed just a year ago.   It also has a furnace down the basement, which is quite old but runs well for an antique. My fiance says that the two of us cannot put a price on a view like that, but I argue by asking if it is worth the three grand the two of us will need to spend for a HVAC system. She does raise a good point about the view, but I think my point about the temperature control system is just as valid. Three grand is no small amount of money, and the Heating as well as A/C system they just installed would last us for another 10 years. We are feeling so torn, it may come down to a coin toss to decide between the view and the cooling system.

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