Happy with our superior a/c system

Today we finally got the first tepid day of the year. I am sitting in my nice cool air conditioned apartment folding some laundry while binging out on my favorite tv shows. My neighbor texted me to complain about overheated he was while he was at work. He is employed as an electrician & today he was finally working on tasks that were in a small part & had no a/c. He said that the room he was doing his working on was already absolutely overheated even on a chilly freezing Winter days & it is made a great deal worse on tepid afternoons. He sent me a picture of this large industrial strength fan he was using in an attempt to keep cool, although he said all it did was move the overly hot air around the room so it did not offer much relief. He said that even with the large industrial strength fan moving air around it was still absolutely tepid & the air was thick which made it difficult for him to breathe. It is afternoons love this when I realize how lucky I am to be able to perform all my tasks from the comfort of my own home. I can task & still be comfortable in my nice air conditioned condo. I never have to worry about the weather conditions conditions at my task because I get to set the weather conditions conditions. Today for example I spent the afternoon in my home office finally working, & after that I was able to transition over & start on my lake house domestic tasks all without having to drive to & from work. I did not have to deal with a tepid and stuffy car ride, or walking in from outside. I just had to walk across my nice air conditioned lake condo to get to & from my office. I entirely am lucky.

a/c set up

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