Happy the furnace got fixed

When our child was merely a kid, he was completely interested in learning how things work… He once took our toaster all the way apart, just to see if he could put it back together… When he was in middle school, his educators noticed his skill in engineering, and they enrolled him in a special magnet school, that focused on science, technology as well as engineering. Patrick has learned quite a bit in a short time, but a couple weeks ago, our gas furnace wasn’t working any longer. Patrick was certain that he could figure out a solution to this difficult problem, if we would allow him to take the gas furnace apart on his own. We didn’t know if we should let our fifteen year old work on the gas furnace. Honestly, we both wanted to see if Patrick could repair the complication on his own. So we agreed to give him a full day on the weekend to work on the problem. We certainly didn’t see any harm in allowing Patrick this opportunity to figure out the problem. When we got to Saturday morning, Johnny was up bright and early just working on the gas furnace. He had his tablet opened with videos and various repair websites. He was basically troubleshooting. When it was about time for lunch, Patrick was certain he had discovered the problem. He asked us to take him to the hardware store in town, and we agreed. It cost us $14.70 for the gas furnace part that he said we needed. When we arrived back to the residence, Patrick did his thing and switched out the faulty gas furnace part. Amazingly, that fixed the gas furnace. We were totally in shock and beaming with pride. Our child is going to be easily successful, no matter what he chooses to do in his life.

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