happy that I can control the a/c now

I was hesitant about starting up a company with my wife at first. My main complication was “too much of a good thing”, and having to spend all day and all evening in close quarters with her seemed like it would cause conflict. I love her to the moon and back, however I also love coming home to her. These days, I never leave her at home so I never get to come home to her! That said, it has been working out pretty well so far. My wifey has a knack of talking to people and earning their trust, which makes her a great salesperson. One thing that is becoming a complication is our disputes over the climate control system. It is hard to get work done if you are uncomfortable, and she says I run the A/C too much for her liking. I tried to meet her in the middle, and turn the control unit up a little bit, but it was still cooling the room too much for her. When I turned the plan off as she wanted, the room started heating up right away, and within a few hours I was dripping with sweat. Obviously the difference in our preferences for climate control settings were unquestionably far apart, and it took some negotiating to make it work out. I cleared out the utility room and turned it into a private office for her, and then I closed off the air vent to that room. Now I can run the A/C as much as I want in the office, and her office stays just as moderate as she prefers it to be. Marriage is all about compromise, right?


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