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This year my family decided that we were going to cut a fresh Christmas tree.  We dressed for the winter weather and drove to the tree farm. When we got there, we walked across several acres before we chose a tree. It was nice to just walk among all the trees as snow fell down around us, but the longer we were out there the colder it got. The children were whining that they were cold and all we could do is encourage them to walk faster so we could get to the car quicker.  After a 15 minute walk we returned back at the barn where we paid for the tree and my husband strapped it to the roof of the car. I stood by the fire pit with the kids helping them to warm up a bit. When we all climbed into the car we noticed that the car was almost as cold as it was outside! No matter what we did the heater in the car would not kick on! We had no option but to make due. We only had a 7 minute drive home. As we drove towards home I pulled out my phone and opened the smart thermostat app so I could raise the heat setting at home. I have come to love how handy this smartphone thermostat app is.  Here we all were very cold and instead of arriving to a freezing house I was able to adjust the heater setting from my car as we drove so that by the time we arrived home, we would have a nice warm house waiting for us. I would definitely recommend this smart thermostat to everyone, it has really made my life easier and we are saving money on our heating bill every month too!

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