Guests need a/c

The two of us love entertaining.  It’s so very nice to have friends and family over while sharing wonderful food and wonderful times.  It makes life all the better for us. But we reside in the south and while we love to do much of our entertaining outside, the sizzling season puts a real crimp on that.  Our patio area is not enclosed and there isn’t a good amount of shade so the temperature just soars. Our house has a nice sitting and living section that is kind of one large room.  When it gets undoubtedly sizzling we rearrange the furniture in there to accommodate our company. However, I suppose our guests are undoubtedly uncomfortable. Our house is smallish while being sealed pretty tight.  There are only the 2 of us residing here and the output of the air conditioner unit appears to keep up with our needs. However, when ten or twelve people gather at our place /it seems undoubtedly stuffy. The two of us just recently had my wife’s whole family for 4th of July.  While I grilled most of the entree outside, my wife and her mom were baking pies in the oven. I would be going in and out but really mostly just felt the searing heat from outdoors. But when I finally came in and we all sat down to dinner, I noticed that my wife’s sweet Grandma had a trickle of sweat coming down the side of her face.  I checked the thermostat and the air conditioner just would not keep up. I lowered the dial again and nothing. I had to break out fans to help but I felt stupid and ended up offering apologies for our overwhelmed Heating, Ventilation & A/C unit. It seems apparent that I am going to have to look into upgrading the Heating, Ventilation & A/C to allow us to continue having these family gatherings that we love so much.

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