Gross HVAC ducts

A little bit ago, I dig out our old computer monitors to update it and wipe away all of the dirt. Even more so while I was in the hot weeks when it’s too hot outside to do anything else on a weekend. Yes, I sit in our workroom, the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C device cranked up and I go to work on my main interest. When I pulled out this old computer monitor, it was filthy as an attic! The first thing is to take it in pieces, and supply the inside a unbelievable cleaning! During this thing, all kinds of debris, dust and other gross things gets into the air conditions. I always where a mask while doing this. This time here with this great monitor, there was so much filth, it actually was floating around the space, and even some of it hit the ceiling close where some of the HVAC duct is set from our heating and cooling system. It was that gross! Once the cleaning is done, I get a vacuum and push all the remaining debris, dust and dirt out the window. With it being hot outdoors, having the window open briefly makes it feel like i’m going a small space oil furnace the way the hot air comes blowing in through the window. When that’s completed, I close it directly away as I don’t need or want this room becoming an oil furnace like atmosphere. It’s terrible enough that the cleaning of this monitor just affected the indoor air conditions of our task room, but it’ll be cleaned.


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