Good News, Bad News

Last year my husband and I ended up having to replace the HVAC system in our home. We had been saving up to replace it, because we already knew it was getting old, but we had planned on the current HVAC system lasting another year at least. When that didn’t happen, and we were stuck with a broken system, we had to act fast! Luckily, a neighbor had given us the name of a guy that she said was really good and reasonably priced. We called him and got him out to look at our HVAC system as soon as we could. Luckily the weather wasn’t too cold outside because we had to wait several days before he was available. When he did come out, though, he went right to work to find the problem. It was very little time to identify what needed to be done, but when he told us how much it was going to cost I had a heart palpitation. We knew we had to go for it, but we wanted a second opinion on the price. He was very understanding about it. We did call several other HVAC companies in the area for quotes, but they all were much higher, and in some cases insanely higher, than the original one. We ended up calling the first guy out to do the actual installation of the new HVAC system which we had ordered online to save some money. He was worried at first that the HVAC system we ordered wasn’t going to be good quality because we paid less for it, but that luckily wasn’t the case at all. He got it in for us in a jiffy and it’s worked perfectly ever since!

HVAC repair

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