Going without any heating

My wife and I lived in a rental apartment for quite a few years, before buying our own home.  We loved the rental that we had. It was a rancher that was near the lake, and the rent was right in our budget.  We also liked our neighbors, and this seemed ideal for us. When winter came around, we knew that we were going to soon need to use the furnace.  We wanted to have the HVAC company come out and check the furnace out before we turned it on, and he told us it was okay. We were glad we chose to do this, because the furnace wouldn’t start.  The HVAC tech told us that we needed to buy a new furnace. It took us several phone calls to finally get an answer from the landlord, and when he called back we told him about the need for a new furnace and he gave the HVAC company the go ahead.  We couldn’t believe how well the furnace worked. It ran quietly, and the heat was phenomenal. To top it off, our energy bills were so low, that we thought that there was something wrong. After winter ended, we began to get phone calls from the HVAC company.  The landlord hadn’t paid for the furnace and they were calling us for payment. We told them we were just the tenants, and after sixteen phone calls in two days, we called a lawyer. We had enough with renting after that, and we went in search of buying our own home.


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