Going to the zoo was lame in the Winter

Outdoor activities can be a great way to get away from electronic distractions. For me, I love taking any opportunity I can to get outside and soak in nature’s beauty. My kids may not share the same level of enthusiasm, but I know they still can enjoy a nice day outside. Recently, I decided I was going to take my kids to the zoo for the first time. It seemed like a great idea to me! The weather was much cooler than usual during the Winter, but not so cold that we couldn’t take being outside. Plus, when we got to the zoo, I immediately noticed that there was not even half of the usual amount of cars in the parking lot. Great, I thought – this was going to be the day when I would get my kids interested in the wild outdoors! When we walked up to the ticket office, we saw a notice that many of the zoo exhibits were going to have space heaters placed periodically, so we knew we could stay warm while we were exploring each area. Everything was looking like it was going to be a wonderful day – until we got to the first exhibit. This first exhibit was for several birds, but we couldn’t find any in the enclosure. The same was the case at the next exhibit, where monkeys were kept. As we went to each exhibit, we saw signs stating that the animals were entitled to heating for themselves, and the zoo couldn’t force the animals to be in the open and away from the heat sources. It made sense to me, but I couldn’t help being frustrated about the lack of wildlife. My kids still enjoyed outside, even if all we did was walk around an empty zoo.

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