Getting the ducts patched

My fiance plus I observed a massive accumulation of dust on our furniture. We thought there was a concern with our Heating plus A/C device. Some friends of ours had concerns with dust before, plus they found out that the ductwork basically needed to be resealed. I was hoping the ductwork wasn’t our actual problem, but it was. When we made an appointment with our local Heating plus A/C supplier, they came over plus performed a routine inspection of our entire system. That inspection includes checking the furnace, the cooling system, the air vents, the ducting, plus even the temperature control unit! After the Heating plus A/C specialist concluded her initial inspection, she sat down with my fiance plus I to talk about our concerns. Some of the ductwork needed to be sealed, plus there was a ton of excess dust plus debris inside of our HVAC ducting system. We had to make another appointment for the ductwork sealing, because the specialist was not authorized to take care of this service. Evidently, it takes a special certification to clean as well as sanitize the ductwork in our household. We made an appointment for the following Friday, plus my fiance plus I both took the day off from work. The ductwork sealing plus cleaning took around 2 hours to complete. The specialist had a box full of specialty tools that were designed to clean the HVAC ducting system, but by the time she finished with the service, I could already feel the difference in our air quality. The repair appointment even came with a warranty, for an entire year! My fiance plus I were absolutely satisfied with the service.

ductwork sealing

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