Getting our heater and a/c serviced

As a third generation farmer, I can tell you that this lifestyle is not for everyone. We grow many crops but our main fields are planted with corn, wheat and hay. Since we have so many crops it takes a lot of hard work and many employees to make sure that everything is harvested in time to get them to the local and regional markets. Harvest time is a very crazy because all of the crops are ready at the same time. We normally have to hire fifteen or so migrant farm hands to make sure that everything happens in time. We started the harvest at the same time each year and luckily we have a separate home on the farm for the workers hire to stay. Since we are hosting an additional fifteen people, this take a huge toll on the energy bills. With cooking, showering, and laundry there is a constant need for added electric and water. The biggest draw, however, is the HVAC system.  You can’t let people, who have worked in hot fields all day, spend their nights sweating and trying to sleep. We have to make sure that we have the HVAC system serviced in the house where they stay before the harvest or it might malfunction. Unhappy workers don’t tend to stay around and we really need their help. One year our air conditioner stopped working in the middle of the harvest and it was a total disaster. Everyone was in a bad mood and the fans we put in the rooms didn’t do anything. Some of the workers moved on to other jobs and we barely made any money on crop sales. We never want to make that mistake again. Our HVAC system is our best friend during that crazy time of year.

HVAC technician

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