Getting impatient

My wife and i just brought home a new pup. I am convinced this puppy is already in charge of the household. A shepherd and retriever mix, in my opinion the pup is more intelligent than most young children. He has already discovered how to let us know that he has to go outside to do his business. He can sit and set at our command, and we are in process of teaching him the demand for “stay”. It seems like he follows me around  just so he can work on mastering his command of the English language. Also, he apparently has learned how to signal his comfort level with the temperature in our home. Every time the pup thinks that the furnace is overheating the house, he will bark at the thermostat on the wall until either of us adjusts the cooling setting. If the air conditioner is too cool, the puppy will bark at the vent in the living room instead of barking at the thermostat. My wife thinks his behavior with the heating and cooling settings is quite strange, and she that we should probably take him to the vet to see if everything is alright. I think it is a good time to ensure that our dog is healthy, of course, but in my opinion, our new puppy is just very savvy in determining the perfect climate.


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