Getting a pool heating machine

Most people who know me periodically are subjected to my endless droning about my gym membership. I have only belonged to 2 gyms in the past, and I only went to those for a short time. Now though, I belong to the best gym that’s available in my little southern city. I don’t do workouts with weights or run, but I swim laps in the pool. I am so thrilled because they have a heater for the pool now! Many places with pools do not bother with heating them. I understand the reason, as pool heaters are pricey to buy and maintain. Still, they are necessary – especially when it gets cold! For example, the municipal pools do not have heaters, and even though we live in the south, the winter demands that pools have heaters! Instead of having pool heaters, the city closes the pools down in the winter which is pretty lame. Since I have arthritis, other forms of exercise are genuinely hard for me because of the pain I endure. Swimming is appealing though since it’s low impact, and I genuinely love it! And I am thrilled that the pools have heaters, because I can go in the winter and the summer without skipping a beat! I rarely use the furnace at home, but swimming requires that the water be a decent and bearable temperature. The gym even has signs up every morning telling the thermostat setting of the lap pool and the aerobics pool. I am so happy there is at least one place I can go to for swim sessions!

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