Getting a new air conditioner

After graduate school, I finally left Baltimore for a bigger city.  I was excited for the change and knew to expect some awesome adventures! It was only a 10 hour move to Atlanta. That being said, it felt like I was finally becoming to an adult and creating some freedom!  The weather in Baltimore is pretty mild. Maryland experiences normal winter and summer weather. When I moved to Atlanta, I expected the same weather, but was dead wrong. It was so hot in Atlanta! I had no clue how it could get so much warmer when I was only hours away from Baltimore.  After a short period, I learned why I was experiencing such different weather. Atlanta is crowded with tall skyscrapers and paved with lots of cement. The materials used to build these buildings and walkways collect heat. This heat builds up over time and keeps the city warm. Because of this, I had to constantly check my cooling unit.  I do a daily check up on it to make sure it is in optimal condition before the hot weather really starts. I’ve even convinced my landlord to change to a stronger model of an a/c unit. He recently installed a smart thermostat, which allows me to turn on the cool air when I’m at work! It allows me the ability to consistently come home to a cool space.  It has been a life changer! Moving to Atlanta has been challenging, but I have absolutely grown to enjoy it.

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