Getting a/c for this hot summer

This Summer so far has been one of the hottest I’ve ever experienced… Where I live, our summers never get blazing hot as they do in other areas of the country. Instead, every one of us have really mild weather in the summer, however the humidity is generally high. Personally I find it to be a nice change from the frigid cold plus dry air of our winters here. But many people though, have AC units; a fair portion of this group has ‘real AC’ units, as in the central AC. However other people love ductless mini split AC systems, certainly for those who rent… I have a couple of window AC units, however I own my home. But I don’t use them often. Yet his summer, however, I have gotten a TON of use out of them. Those really blistering days are brutal. My cottage is officially cooler than outside by at least many degrees. Then however, on these moderate days, by the night, the inside of the cottage is hotter than outdoors… No amount of fans will clear it out, so I turn on the AC at that point. I cool the cottage down for a couple hours plus then turn them off. It is just enough for me. Not too cold, but nice plus cool. On top of that, this method allows myself and my husband to minimize the cost that we incur on my energy bills from running an AC unit. I firmly think I have found a way to maintain the perfect balance between too moderate plus too cold, as well as too much money vs never turning the thing on at all. I regale my new, improved method to most people my husband and I know, but no one seems interested. They’d rather just keep their AC running all the livelong day.

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