Gas furnace in my body

I don’t assume what is going on with my body lately, I can’t seem to get cooled off no matter what I do… I’m not quite old enough to start going through menopause, so I don’t think that’s the problem. I am wondering if I’m not having hot flashes, though; That’s what it feels like! It feels like my whole body turns into a furnace occasionally! Or at like prefer I’ve been sitting next to a furnace or a fireplace or something. I’ve been keeping the thermostat turned down in my house to the crazy temperature of 66 degrees during the day & 61 degrees at night, and still yet, I wake up dripping with sweat through my sheets in the middle of the night! I also keep the ceiling fan running at top speed all night long, however it just feels like the A/C in my house can’t keep up with my internal thermostat in my body, but my mom told me that when she went through menopause she felt unquestionably similar to the way that I am feeling now. I laughed & told her that when the Wintertime finally gets here & there are colder temperatures outside again, I won’t have to worry about the heating bills or about paying for a furnace because at this rate, I’ll be creating enough heat to power a small city! Tonight I’m going to turn the thermostat down another few & try sleeping with an electric box fan blowing on my head. Maybe that will help.

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