Garage cooling space

My friends and I have known each other since high school.  Some of us have been friends for close to twenty years. I believe that I can definitely count on my friends in a pinch.  Last month, my car broke down on the interstate. I was more than 90 minutes from home so, my friends got in the truck and drove to get me.  But they hooked my car up to the truck and drove 35 miles per minute the whole way home. Honestly, I have the best friends a guy could hope to have.  Last weekend, my buddy Joey needed assistance with a project. He was being totally ambiguous about the actual task. He said he needed a hand moving some objects.  Joey has a huge warehouse that he rents out for extra income. The warehouse was left to him when his Grandfather passed away last year. The last tenant was an air conditioning service firm. They had vacated the premises last weekend when they could no longer afford to pay the rent. Joey said they left a ton of garbage in the warehouse. I was fine to help out especially after Joey said there was a case of beer for the work. I regretted that decision suddenly when I realized all of us would be moving outdated HVAC units out of the space. The a/c service firm had been storing all of the outdated units in that space.  They were piled up in a mound. Joey made a deal with the recycling dealer. If all of us took all the units outside, they would come pick them up on Monday. It took the entire case of beer as well as more than five hours to move everything out to the open field.

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