Freezing lunch

Last week I had to take my elderly mother to an eye appointment.  The appointed ended up lasting for three hours and after we left the eye doctor we were both starving.  On the way to the appointment we passed by a restaurant chain that we used to visit a lot when I was growing up.  So, I suggested that we stop in there and get some lunch. It was really hot and humid that day, and we were both looking forward to either having a sandwich platter or a refreshing salad.  We were seated at a table that was directly under the air vent. When we were first seated the blast of chilly air felt refreshing. However it didn’t take long for the chilly air to become a nuisance.   We hadn’t even ordered our food before we began to shiver. I had asked our waitress if it would be possible to move to a table away from the air vent. Our snobby waitress informed us that they prohibited their patrons from table hoping because of the confusion it causes.  When I pointed out that we were the only ones in the building she again repeated her party line and walked away. I wish we would have just walked out, but instead we stayed and we both ended up order bowls of soup because we were so cold. This restaurant chain used to be our favorite place to eat whenever we came into the city.  I even started this tradition with my own daughter, but sadly a lot of the restaurants were being shut down. Now I understand why. This experience totally ruined those memories for us.

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