Freezing at my Cousin’s

When we went to visit my cousin last month, we ended up sleeping downstairs in her basement. There are five of us in my family, and she didn’t have enough space upstairs for all of us. So we spread out on air mattresses and couches in her finished basement. She was afraid that it would be too cold down there for us since it stays at a constant 66 degrees in her basement, but I reassured her that at home, we keep our thermostat set at around 65 degrees year round anyway. I thought that we would be fine. And we were! At least, we were fine until there was an unseasonable cold snap during the week we were there. One night I woke up with my teeth chattering and I could see my breath in the air! I didn’t want to go upstairs to wake up my cousin and ask her to turn the furnace up a few degrees because I didn’t want to be a pesky houseguest. Instead, we went around the basement and gathered up all of the blankets and sleeping bags that we could find and we snuggled up together close to the heating vent that’s installed in the wall. We warmed up a little bit but it was still cold. My oldest son said that he had spotted a little space heater in the garage so I sent him to get it. He brought it back down and plugged it in and all of a sudden, we were all toasty and warm! It’s amazing how much heating a tiny little space heater can give off in a small room, especially when you’re all clustered together to keep from freezing!

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