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The other day I noticed a some kids playing across the street from our house.  It reminded me of being a kid and growing up in a time when we played outside all day and had to be home before the streetlights came on. It seemed like rain or shine, we were outside playing GI Joe or street baseball. The weather here in the neighborhood we live in had just turned from the nice cool afternoons of Spring to the sweltering heat of Summer. Thinking back to those times of our childhood, I remember how nice it was to come home to cool off in the air conditioning. My Grandmother used to tell us how great we had it with central heating and cooling in our home. When she was our age, her version of a current heating and cooling unit was a box fan in an open window! I couldn’t imagine that now, especially living in a place with brutally hot seasons. In mid-season it almost feels like you could swim out to your car in the day with the humidity. It entirely makes me thankful for the cooling relief that our inside air conditioning provides. Being able to sleep in a cool, climate-controlled home is easily a blessing. Maybe I’ve gotten spoiled in my adulthood, however that’s a fair trade off to be cool and comfortable!

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