Fixing all the issues

My sister, Lydia, entirely loves purse shopping. She would literally shop for purses everyday if she could afford it. I care about my twin sister so much, even though I don’t care about shopping as much as my twin does.   I care about spending time together and shopping is the best way for us to do that. We try to make a habit of shopping and going out to supper first thing every Thursday each week. We have so much fun purse shopping together. We embarrass each other and laugh whenever possible just to make new memories and remember our younger years. Lydia does have one condition for shopping.   Both of us always have to stop and buy an iced cherry pop before both of us start our purse shopping spree. I enjoy sipping on an iced cherry pop just as much as she does, but the one thing that bothers me is that most stores are kept so cold that I don’t have any desire to hold the iced cherry pop while shopping for purses in them. We live out West, so it’s almost always hot outside, so I am thankful for the cool AC.   But I’ve realized that most stores just seem to go overboard. I have acquired the habit to always bring an extra blazer with me when I go purse shopping because I freeze while walking through the stores. Last time, both of us were in a store together, I got so cold that I went up to an employee and asked them why they kept the store so cold. Of course, she didn’t know why, although she asked her director if they could raise the temperature a few degrees. Thankfully, the director provided no complications and readily agreed that the store was simply too cold. I hope he will keep the store warmer from now on plus that other stores will do the same.

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