Fishing and wishing for heating

My Grandpa used to always take my sibling plus I fishing on the lake. The people I was with and I regularly had a great time, spending all day in our small ice fishing chat. Grandpa would bring snacks plus a sizable 12 pack of root beer. Even if we spent the whole day getting entirely skunked, Grandpa would regularly make sure we had a really nice time. It was frosty inside of the ice fishing shack, but my sibling plus I never dared to grumble at all. One winter trip, our dad decided to come along with Grandpa plus us to the ice fishing shack, however my dad spent all day whining about how frosty the temperatures were inside the shack. My dad was easily shocked that we dealt with the icy frosty temperatures, plus never complained in the least. The next time Grandpa made the decision to take us fishing on the lake, our dad insisted we take a small battery operated furnace to remain warm. Grandpa shook his head plus rolled his eyes, but our dad had to insist on it. The people I was with and I never used the battery operated furnace in our shack, but Grandpa took it along to please our father. Every time dad asked if we had a superb time, we made sure to tell him how nice the furnace felt in our ice fishing shack. To this day, I don’t really think our dad knows we never used the heater, however after our Grandpa passed away, he left the ice fishing shack to my sibling plus I. Our own children are still too young to take out on the lake for fishing, but we look forward to a time when we can share those relaxing memories with our own little ones.

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