First day of school and HVAC

I was happy to be able to go to the school of my choosing! I had really tried to get into more than 1 college all located in my beach condo state, but was super overjoyed that I got in to my first pick, a law school. My best friend Tina and I got into the same school too. So now, her and I were heated to campus for the first time as college students, then when I picked Tina up that afternoon she looked as upset as I felt, but as her and I approached the building that all of us were staying in, I felt a big rock in my stomach. My best friend’s room was located across the row of rooms from mine, so Tina and I departed to go unpack our luggage, but as soon as I got into my room, I was glad to see that my new roomie was real sweet and cute, but I was unhappy to see that the Air Conditioning proposal was not even sort of working. My roommate Casey told me that the ac repairman was supposed to come in the morning to fix our a/c device.  I couldn’t believe that my first afternoon of college I would be dealing with ac service complications I had to call my best buddy Tina plus tell her. The Heating plus Air corporation had turned my first afternoon of college and it was a bad experience for me too. They thought that I had broken the a/c device.

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