Finding common ground for a/c

My partner likes his air conditioning. While we had AC at our previous place, since we moved into our first time home, we haven’t had that luxury… However it is one of the things on our “to do” list for the future. On that same note, plus in several ways more substantial, I have been looking into getting a small business loan for my company in order to expand. I’m thinking next year or the year after I will be in a good place to do it, so until then, I’m keeping my money tight. That means getting central air conditioning for the house right now isn’t in the cards for us. It isn’t even remotely realistic anyway. He hasn’t outwardly said much about it to me, but he does get quite grumpy when he comes house from his job to find the house is humid. Yet even if it isn’t that hot, he still doesn’t appreciate the humidity. Considering that most of the year we spend completely devoid of humidity, because the winters dry us right up, I’d hoped he wouldn’t mind having a few months of humid air–but that is not the case, however. I won’t be able to change his mind about it either way, despite the fact that I do want to get an air conditioning plan for the house eventually. I don’t think we should use it all the time, despite the fact that I do want him to be delighted plus comfortable in our home. I am also considering getting an air conditioning plan for my company office as well whenever that happens. My partner and I will likely be residing in the housing space above the company also for a time. I want him to appreciate our time there, plus I also want to ensure my clients are comfortable. I guess a high quality central heater and A/C plan will help with both those goals.

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