Fan speeds

When I first started up our central cooling unit this year, the air coming from the vents was super musty.  I should have right away called for professional service. Unfortunately, between work and household stuff, I was severely stressed at that time of year.  Plus, our budget was a bit tight, and I was hoping to save a bit of cash. I didn’t want to invest in a system which seemed to be working. The air conditioner was effectively cooling the house.  So instead of taking care of the problem right away, I held off and hoped the air conditioner would work itself out. The odor, however, was bad enough that our family complained of headaches every time the cooling unit started up.  Since the weather was unusually hot and humid, the air conditioner was running just about nonstop. I reduced the setting on the thermostat several times, because the home felt a bit hot and sticky. I gradually realized that the cooling unit was not putting out a reasonable amount of cool air to achieve and maintain a comfortable temperature.  It was really struggling, and that showed up in our energy costs. The cost was nearly double of what I expected. That’s when I finally hired a professional HVAC contractor to provide service. I realized I could save cash by having the air conditioner repaired. The workers thoroughly maintained the cooling device and discovered a significant buildup of mold and mildew within the system.  It was spreading contaminants throughout the home and presenting a health risk. Once the worker cleaned the inner finally workings, evaluated the refrigerant level and lubricated the moving parts of the motor, the central cooling system ran perfectly.

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