Extra HVAC discounts

I always feel guilty when I do work for the local churches. After all, they are places of worship, so charging them money sort of feels wrong. On the other hand, this is a small business and my time and experience are worth money. If I just didn’t charge people for my work, it would be very hard to keep my doors open! So I split the difference by offering a small discount for all places of faith that use my business. I guess that doing nice things pays off, because of that discount I have picked up a few more regular customers! The competition between HVAC companies in this town is quite stiff, so every extra client matters. I thought about extending that discount off for all my new heating and cooling clients. Then I realized that giving the same discount to everyone for my HVAC services would make the religious discount seem less special. Part of the reason I have picked up these new faith-based clients is they see that I give them special treatment for their HVAC repair and upkeep. I want to maintain a strong business relationship with these clients, because they help spread the word about my HVAC business to all of their various parishioners. That is the sort of free advertising that is worth far more than the discount on an AC tune-up costs my bottom line. I have decided that anyone referred to me by any of my church clients will get a free initial HVAC inspection, maybe that will bring in some extra clients.

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