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My husband and I look forward to our two week vacation each summer. Thankfully, both of our jobs allow us to take off work at the same time each summer. Every year we rent a cabin up North in the mountains. We love to get away from work and the rush of life to take some time to relax and enjoy each others company. Last year, we decided to look into buying a cabin of our own so that we could go camping whenever we got the chance. Of course, we needed to find one a little closer to home than the ones we usually stay in each summer. We began looking in an area about two hours south of our house. Within just a month of looking, we found a cabin that was in a great location, but it needed to be completely remodeled. No one had stayed in it for many years, and the inside was covered in mold. We decided to purchase the cabin, and we started to work on remodeling it right way. Because we planned on spending every weekend at the cabin, picking the right HVAC system was crucial. I have always wanted heated flooring in my house, but we simply couldn’t justify the cost since the house had a relatively new HVAC system. I felt like this would be my chance to get the heated floors that I had always wanted. Thankfully, my husband agreed to spoil me, and he had heated floors installed throughout the entire cabin. I can’t wait until the cabin is finished so we can spend some time in our new little home away from home.


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