Ensuring comfort

One of several hardest decisions I had to produce recently was moving my mother into an assisted senior living home. I always thought that I would maintain her throughout her old age group, because she devoted so most of her life to providing in my situation. She herself was pretty okay with the change provided her condo there would be comfortable and sense you are home and not like some sort of nursing institution. My biggest priority was that she felt pleasant and safe. When we traveled her in, the room looked like very cozy and comfortable. There was a lot of natural light and even a sizable living area to host us and her friends whenever you visited, which I knew may be frequently. Unfortunately, as much when i tried to ensure her comfort it was not long before she called me complaining that she couldn’t sleep well at night. We quickly deduced it must be the air conditioning unit that ended up being keeping her up. The machine seemed alright, but outdated, as well as the clicking noise was too much for my child comfort. The temperature would get really cold during the nighttime despite what we set this thermostat at. I repeatedly asked the nursing staff to treat the issue and help her but they also insisted they couldn’t do much to change the unit, just filters and basic tune-ups internally. After a lot of marketing I finally convinced the older living home staff to ok, i’ll hire an HVAC specialist in the future to my mother’s condo and evaluate the situation. It was so frustrating of having to go above their head, but it was worth the cost to manage mom.

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