Electric off and no heating

This past Winter season was unusually brutal.  The cold weather not only arrived early–it hung around for several straight months…  The two of us dealt with non stop snow, severe wind chill, and temperatures down to twenty-eight below zero.  There were frequent driving bans and blizzard conditions. Unfortunately, the heavy snow, ice and wind brought down lots of trees and branches, which resulted in several power outages.  Losing electricity, even for a couple of hours, is more than inconvenient. It’s a threat to safety, and can lead to a great deal of damage. With no electricity, my family is left without running water, overhead lights, television, internet or heat.  Not having an actually working gas furnace is a disaster. My family becomes terribly cold, and I worry about water pipes getting too cold and bursting. One of the these power outages ended up lasting for eight days. Without the gas heater running, I was forced to move our family to a nearby hotel.  Driving on icy roads and paying a fortune for a hotel was aggravating. After that ordeal, I consulted with a local gas heating air conditioning service provider for some help. He commanded that I invest in a permanently installed backup generator. Although the generator was rather fancy, I decided that it was worth it.  In the event of an outage, the generator automatically takes over and powers all the systems in the current home for as long as necessary. The operation of the gas furnace is not interrupted, and my whole family still has use of the water heater, microwave, and all of our electronics. All of us can continue our everyday lives uninterrupted.

heating system

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