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Back before my retirement from HVAC repair work, I was doing a boiler job at a very large condominium community. The job required that a guy from the condo association repair committee to go with me as I went around to all of the home units. So I was checking the radiator valves, the steam vents, and the temperature controls in each of the thirty-five units. It turned out that one larger unit needed a new steam vent and another smaller unit really needed a completely new temperature control unit. The guy from the home association repair committee was a real downer; he glared at me the whole time and would barely even answer any of my questions. I felt like he was offended that I had driven the HVAC repair truck out to the condominium community to do the work. He must’ve thought that I was trying to take his job. Well, little did he realize that this particular boiler job was just the beginning. I decided not to tell him that the home association president had mentioned that they’re going to be completely revamping all of the units next year. So in the coming year, this development is going to keep me really tied up because I’m going to be installing 35 new heat pump systems. It’s going to be a substantial job, and our heating and cooling corporation is quite happy about landing the contract. I really can’t wait to see the look on this repair guy’s face when he sees that I’m the lead guy for that job, too!

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