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My fiance and I have neighbors that are doing some major reconstruction to their home.  They live two blocks away, but they are burning all of the treated and rotting boards that they are removing from the house.  The air is so poor that it is making us cough and sneeze. I can barely breathe most of the time, plus I need to keep the doors plus windows tightly closed.  It is only Springtime and usually our windows plus our doors are wide open. Both of us like to welcome the soft warmth of Springtime. It is still cool in the house, however I needed to get out the portable air purification purifier that we have to get it running.  I swore that I could see the denseness of air rising, and going into that whole-house air purifier. My fiance had to scrub the air filter the same night every we got it going and again every night since. There is so much smoke and dirg getting into our home, because of their construction plus ever present burning.  Yesterday, he broke down plus turned on the air conditioner. There is a Pure Air Filter System in our air conditioner. The Pure Air Filter System, takes out over 99.9% of the allergens plus dirt in the air. After the air conditioner with the Pure Air Filter System took over, the air was once again nice and fresh, plus I was able to breathe without choking.  Both of us knew that the Pure Air Filter System was going to make a difference for our asthma and pollen irritations, but we didn’t think it would job this well.

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