Each room having climate control


                         Last week, my spouse and I brought home our new-born baby girl.  We were so ecstatic to finally have our little girl, the two of us could not have been happier.  We had to drive home from the hospital in a snowstorm, lucky for us it was just starting when we left so it wasn’t too bad.  With the snowstorm came sub zero hot and cold temperatures and as we knew, those are typically fun. I was extremely worried about having such hot and cold temperatures and a new baby in the house.  My current mother paranoia had me wanting to keep the temperature set at 72 until the arctic freezing blast passed, but that wasn’t realistic.

               While I am sharing my fears with my spouse after we settled in at home, he tells me he has a surprise for me.  I was amazed s\that he had time to get a surprise all planned and done because he had been constantly with me at the hospital.  I didn’t know what to expect from this surprise. I kind of expected it was something for our daughter. Then he told me that he had his sibling who is an HVAC technician, install zone control heating and cooling into our home.  So every room had its own temperature control.

                At first I didn’t understand why this was such a huge deal and then I realized that I would be able to set the baby’s room to a warm temperature, while our bed room could be freezing since that is how the two of us sleep best!  I love that I now have the best of both worlds.

HVAC zone control

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