Ductwork making some odd sounds

A few weeks ago, my husband and I started to notice some different sounds in the HVAC ducting above our bedroom.  However at first, I thought I was going crazy because the sounds were indistinct and barely audible. It seemed that I only could hear the sounds at night when all the people seemed to be sleeping.  Eventually, I stopped hearing the crazy noises every night. I forgot about it and went on with my weekly activities. Then last night, I heard the noises again but this time they seemed to be coming from our living room HVAC ducting. It sounded like an animal crying in the HVAC ducting and I decided to call someone for help. The Heating & Air Conditioning provider said the people I was with and I should call an exterminator and the exterminator wanted us to call the Heating & Air Conditioning supplier. I finally found an animal trapper to come to the house. He went into the attic and searched around of the source of the noise I was hearing at night. They came down an hour later with a handful of kittens.  Somehow, a pet had gotten into our HVAC ducting system. The pet had given birth to a litter sometime in the past several weeks. The kittens were starting to make cries which was the noise I continued to hear in my bedroom. Luckily, my husband and I got all of the kittens and their mom out of the HVAC ducting system before they could come to harm. The two of us still have no understanding of how a grown pet managed to make its way into our HVAC ducts. I guess she was looking for a safe place to provide for the kittens.

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