Ductless heating and air

Until recently, we were managing with an old-fashioned control unit.  The control component dial was at least twenty years old, made of plastic plus entirely  uncharming. It’s only function was to set our indoor temperature while I needed to physically turn the dial to effect changes.  I most often forgot to change the temperature to conserve energy before we left for work in the day or went off to bed for the night.  On the sparse chance when I adjusted the control component dial, I would then come home to an entirely overheated or chilly house. When I started looking into control units on the A/C market, I was a bit shocked by the expense.  I hadn’t planned to spend several hundred dollars on a control unit. However, the more we researched the innovative features, the more I was determined to take advantage of the current conveniences. I ultimately purchased a smart control component with learning ability.  In the first week, after our control component was installed, it built a program according to our correct habits and schedule. Now, the control component automatically adapts the operation of the heating and cooling component to conserve energy when I leave for my office. It then welcomes myself and my husband home everyday to terrific comfort.  Whether I’m curled up on the sofa, stuck in traffic or away, I have simple access to the heating/cooling unit. Through an app on the smartphone, I can change temps, fan speed, watch energy usage plus get energy saving tips. The control component sends myself and my husband notifications if the Heating & A/C system needs maintenance or the filter change.  I get alerts if a drastic temperature fluctuation occurs, plus I can regularly check humidity levels, the forecast and indoor temperature. The wireless control component has made our life far easier, saved myself and my husband a significant amount of dough, plus increased the comfort of the home.

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