Ductless ac was a good move

My wife Laura has complained for years about some rooms in our home being too cold or too hot! Finally, I found a way to end her complaining when I discovered ductless mini split HVAC systems.  Our original HVAC system is not that bad, but I have to admit that some of our rooms just do not get enough heating or cooling. I researched the ductless mini split systems and felt they could solve our dilemma, These nifty units can be installed almost anywhere and deliver added heating or cooling where it is needed. HVAC technicians we hired to install our units were were talented and informative. They informed us that each ductless mini-split unit has its own individual thermostat, and provides warm and cool air as needed and does not need to be vented. It only took the better part of a day to have the plan installed.  The units were a light cream color and were installed just below the ceiling on an outside wall. They did not look near as ugly as a window a/c device and I felt they blended nicely into our decor. They were also surprisingly quiet. My spouse was satisfied, so I was quite happy! The both of us can sit comfortably in rooms that were too hot or too cold at certain times of the year. The expense was far less than having the air ducts reworked to deliver the same comfort that we can now get from our ductless mini split system.

ductless cooling

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