Dual heat pumps

We purchased a very large home a few years ago, imagining all of the benefits of having so much space. Of course the storage space and closets were important to me, considering all of my clothes, shoes, and belongings. We also planned on having lots of social gatherings in our large home. We weren’t so naive, however, that we didn’t overlook the fact that such a large home would be difficult to heat and cool. The existing HVAC system struggled during the coldest winter and hottest summer months. We finally scheduled an appointment with a heating and cooling specialist to give us suggestions of how we could improve our HVAC system. After he inspected our home and HVAC system, he strongly suggested that we have another heat pump installed to supplement the existing one. The plan of zone temperature control sounded very appealing to us, since we could individually set the temperature controls at the different zones, depending on which part of the home that we wanted heated. It didn’t take long for us to agree with his suggestion, and he scheduled the installation. He made us another offer as a result of our purchase. We could have an air purification system installed at half the cost. Since the installation of both units, we’ve had very little trouble keeping the temperature of our home at a level that we are both comfortable with. I never thought that I would have more than one heat pump, but I’m glad that our updated system works so well with our very large home.

ductless heat pump

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