drum set ruined the a/c

Every other weekend my old cover band plus I play a bar gig. The two of us aren’t that good at our instruments, however every one of us prefer playing. The two of us often play a gig, have a few beers plus hang out together for a while afterwards. Some bars are entirely fine to us. Sometimes every one of us even get a few free beers, a nice period to set up on, plus the bar we play in has air conditioning system. Those are the best gigs plus every one of us feel as though we can play longer. Some bars are smaller, dirtier plus have no AC often times. Air conditioning is an absolute must whenever you play a gig, summer or not. Being packed in a narrow section means there’s really a ton of body heat rolling around. Also people’s body temperature quickly rises when they drink. The period lights plus all of the movement make it hotter as well. The very last gig every one of us played at truly had to be the best one for me, however the worst for my band. The entire bar was big, the place felt nice plus the owner said there was AC in place. I set up my drum kit plus played the night away. I could literally sit and guess the A/C blowing all over me. It was my best performance yet, without a doubt. I could entirely get into my playing while being washed with AC the whole set. For the first time in the history of playing, I was not a tepid mess afterwards, and that felt amazing. My bandmates however, were dripping afterwards. They all were diligently complaining about the owner lying about the air conditioning system in the bar. They were saying how tepid it was on period plus how they definitely would never want to play there again. I realized at that time that I must have set up my drum kit right in front of the AC unit. I literally congested everybody else on stage from the cooling system. Whoops.

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