Dog getting great ac

I only post photos and status updates about my number one four-legged companion, my dog Rupert.  Some people might even think that I’m past the point of being obsessed with him, I post so darn much! I don’t necessarily recognize what they’re talking about. I mean, I will acknowledge that I do prefer to hang around Rupert, but that’s because he’s helped me get through a rough patch, but I don’t think that’s any reason to throw around the words “lonely.” That being said, I’ll admit I spend a great deal of time and money on my dog, and he lives a pretty great life, too. We live together where we are lucky enough to spend all our time together since I get to work from my new home.  We would often work on my porch, but now that the summer season is kicking in, Rupert can’t wander in and out of the house all day as he’s been accustomed to once the heat and that terrible humidity starts up again. I won’t be letting any chilled air from my air conditioner escape out the door. I also absolutely refuse to have the muggy air and ugly bugs flying inside my home, so that’s why I decided to build him a special doggie door, just for him so he can go in and out of that door as he pleases. I was certain that I could come up with a pet door that could remain sealed after each use, locking my cold air inside with me plus keeping the hot air outdoors after Rupert passes through. After doing a little research online about new home insulation solutions, I was able to pick up the necessary materials and I designed my own HVAC-friendly doggie door, all in a single week. I ended up making a prototype plus I ran 2 more experiments to make sure the door always swung shut , keeping my chilled, A/C indoors by using a series of different thermometers plus a handful of stopwatches. Once this project was finally complete, I could tell Rupert is one very happy dog!


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