Do we really need to stay indoors

On the first weekend of every month I dedicate the day to doing various odds and ends around the house.   I clean the yards, wash and wax the car, in addition do any other routine maintenance that needs to be done.  Recently, I have added a checkup on my HVAC system to this routine. I live in an old colonial home that was built in 1764. I have older windows that all have leaks where cool air tends to escape. I have to make sure that my air conditioning system is clean and running properly so that we aren’t wasting a bunch of energy. Every other month, I change the air filters in addition to cleaning the coils. Doing these things helps to ensure that we have the cleanest air possible circulating throughout our home.. These household jobs aren’t fun. I don’t enjoy having to spend an entire weekend on them, but this is just what goes into being a homeowner. Taking care of my home one weekend per month allows my family and I to live comfortably the rest of the month, which makes it well worth it.   When I look at my household chores in those terms, it’s much easier to get up and get them done. I care about my house, so I want to make sure it’s well taken care of for a long time!

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